Sunday, September 16, 2007

The "Ladder" Day Saints

Every now and then my sense of humor takes over at odd times; this morning’s Ward Council Meeting was another in a long line of muffled laughter. Once a month the leaders of our auxiliaries meet to coordinate our efforts; Sunday School, Young Women, Young Men, Missionary leaders all sitting in the Bishop’s office.

We found out that one of our members had injured himself by falling off a ladder and that he needed several stitches ( actually they used staples ) to close the wound on top of his head. He also had severe bruises on his arms and legs which might require additional x-rays to determine if he broke any bones.

“We never owned a ladder until this week when Todd decided to do some home repairs.” She went on to explain how he was up on the extension ladder without anyone down below to steady it, that he was on the second floor deck using a power washer which made the wooden deck slippery. The ladder slid out from under him and he came down on it; becoming a Ladder Day Saint. ( slight modification of original wording ) lol

We went through the agenda items, planning for the Primary presentation in November, Youth activities, the Christmas party; hard to imagine that Christmas is just around the corner.

“I still have the Santa suit!” Ron Keller chimed in letting the Bishop know that he had already served in that capacity and was more than willing to permit someone else the honor.

Later in the meeting we learned that our Ward had volunteered for a service project, something which needed “semi-skilled” labor; painting, grout repair, minor carpentry and things like that. Apparently this was a city wide project which required quit a bit of planning and was to take place in the middle of October.

“Todd has a ladder!”, Marci blurted out, half way smirking at the thought of her husband home recuperating from his injuries while shaking her head. “I’m sticking with my claim that the ladder was made in China too…”

Here’s hoping that Todd gets to feeling better soon and that he finished power spraying the house before the "defective" ladder from China went out from under him. Todd’s a big guy, maybe he can use the Santa suit that Ron has.

The picture has little if anything to do with anything except the image was used on the front of our Sunday program last week. It’s the front page of a bible from 1772 with some personal hand written notes along the top edge.

I thought it was worth having so I asked Brother Conners, the fellow who prepared the program, to send it to my email address. It arrived in a format which my computer didn’t recognize so I had to download a conversion fix so that my Window’s XP version of Word could make it work.

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