Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

I’m not at all sure that a good portion of the real world understands that war has been declared on Western Civilization by Islamic warriors. Somehow 9/11 has taken on a meaning, something surreal, as if it never really happened; not only was war declared on the United States, it was declared on all of Western Civilization and has effectively been that way for quite a while, we only noticed we were at war when the skyline changed dramatically. For some, the image has faded and so we must not be at war any more; isn’t that curious?

I suppose we should forget that the World Trade Center was attacked several years before they were brought down by a couple of hijacked airplanes. Just because the building didn’t topple to the ground when a bomb was exploded in the basement, a bomb that was intended to topple the building to the ground, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. The US Cole was attacked; but it didn’t sink and so that didn’t happen either. A train was bombed in Spain killing dozens of folks; but that was just a prank so it had nothing to do with a world wide declared war on Western Civilization; nothing at all. Rockets routinely fall on Israel; but who cares about them, just a bunch of folks who don’t fit in anywhere.

We must not be at war, at least not a global war because that’s what the folks in big media are pushing, that’s what Moveon.org is telling everyone and that’s what the left if pushing. I guess I don’t need the reminder of three thousand people who were killed on September 11th, the twin towers in flames, folks jumping to their death to escape those flames just before the entire structure collapsed covering half of Manhattan in dust and debris; no, it was all a figment of my imperfect conservative memory.

Those in positions of leadership who would pretend that we are not at war should pull their heads out of the sand (or some orifice where the sun doesn’t shine). War has been declared on us and to ignore the reality of that war is to surrender to our enemies; enemies who have continually expressed their intentions to destroy us. But it’s so easy to simply call the President a liar, his top general is nothing but a puppet and so he must be a liar too.

I listened to the partisan questioning of General Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq yesterday. It would seem that quite a few folks would rather believe our enemies than believe anyone invested in the defense of our nation. How this can be is beyond me; a simple minded armchair observer like myself. I can’t use the “simple country lawyer” line; too bad, that’s a good one.

I wonder why I still remember the second airplane crashing into the World Trade Center towers; you know, that war that was never declared on us. I wonder why I have to submit to a search prior to boarding an aircraft if we have nothing to worry about, that the terrorist’s words mean nothing. I suppose the threat of Iran having the capability of attacking with nuclear weapons is all just a hoax, an attempt to keep our military forces in the Middle East. Like I said, I’m just a simple minded armchair observer; the sun is out and there’s no chance of rain, at least not today.

I’d give credit for the photo if I knew who took it. I stole it from David, who was linked through Probligo; in a way that’s credit.

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