Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillary Has Lost Her Marbles

Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton has another feel good policy, this one only proves that she has lost all her marbles. This latest in a long line of fuzzy thinking, if thinking is even involved would fit better in the television series, The Outer Limits. “Do not attempt to adjust your television…We are in control…”

“"I like the idea of giving every baby born in America a $5,000 account that will grow over time, so that when that young person turns 18 if they have finished high school they will be able to access it to go to college or maybe they will be able to make that down payment on their first home," she said.”

Why stop there; go for it all. It would be a great idea if every child born had a silver spoon in its mouth; congress should demand that every child born be given a lap top computer, a new condo in Manhattan, round trip airline tickets to fly anywhere anytime forever so he/she can visit friends all over the world, a new house with a two car garage and free health care from day one all the way to the grave.

My guess is every policy which Hillary presents comes from:
1. A book of fairy tales where money grows on trees
2. A goose lays a golden egg every fifteen minutes
3. The undeserving rich pay for everything with money their parents stole to begin with and should be returned to those who need it the most.

I could be mistaken, but where in the name of common sense does she expect to find the funding for such an insane proposal? Maybe with the surplus left over from her Health Care funds? Oh, I left off one; maybe the Tooth Fairy could deliver the Five Thousand Dollars through incremental stages each time a child looses a tooth and puts it under the pillow.

“Hey Mom, look what the Tooth Fairy left me!” Yea, that’s a sound financial program that will work; at least half the congress would go along with it; only those hate mongers of the conservative right, those mean Republicans would try to block such a wonderful and helpful piece of legislation.

That’s Hillary’s version of the “American Dream”, never mind the part where individuals are responsible for obtaining the American Dream, that’s what the village is for. Never mind the fact that this is simply another case of class envy where the government robs Peter to pay Paul. Hillary is depending on Paul to vote her into the oval office and as long as Peter has to pay all the bills Paul isn’t going to complain.

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