Friday, October 03, 2008

Bail-Out - Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Gets It

I caught a portion of the Rush Limbaugh talk show yesterday while driving between locksmith jobs. I heard Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn explain in clear and simple language what the major problem is with America; the abuse of the Constitution by those who have taken an oath to uphold it, imagine that.

We, as Americans, have the right to pursue happiness; however we are not entitled, through act of Congress, to guaranteed home ownership, free medical services or any other structured socialisms intended to even the playing field of life. Everything below is a direct “snatch off” from Rush’s website.

COBURN: We have a patient with cancer, and they have secondary pneumonia because of the cancer and we're going to treat the pneumonia. But we're not going to fix the cancer. We're gonna ignore the cancer. Let me tell you what the cancer is. The cancer is Congresses for years upon years have totally ignored the Constitution of the United States and taken to us areas where we have no business being. There is no way you can justify in the US Constitution that the country ought to be the source of mortgages for homeowners in this country, and yet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control 70% of the mortgages in this country.

RUSH: He then continued.

COBURN: If anybody in America is mad about this situation, there's only one place they need to direct their anger, and it's right in the Congress of the United States. What we're going to do is we're going to continue to treat the symptoms rather than directly go after the cause that has created the greatest financial risk and peril this country has ever seen. We're not going after the cause. The cause is get back within the bounds of the Constitution that very specifically says where we have business working and where we don't. We decided that we would ignore the wisdom of our founders and create systems that are outside the enumerated powers that were given to us because we know better, we know better. We don't know better, it is obvious.

RUSH: This is Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. He finally said this.

COBURN: This body continues to spend more, authorize more, and create bigger and more intrusive government, limiting the power of the great American experiment to in fact supply an increased standard of living. We're in tough times, but they're going to get tougher until the American people hold this body accountable to live within the rules set out in a very wise, a very providential way that served this country well. We ignore this book, this Constitution at our peril, we are reaping exactly what we have sown."

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