Thursday, October 02, 2008

Progress Being Made in Houston Area

While there are still plenty of things to repair, fix or replace; Houston has seen much progress towards getting back on its feet after Hurricane Ike. This past week we saw the “big claw” trucks in our neighborhood picking up the mountains of tree limbs stacked at the curb line.

Lucy and I watched as a one man crew arrived at our house. The driver had a huge open top truck with a coupled open top pull along just like it. He climbed onto a control arm apparatus, sitting in the suspended seat at the controls of the big claw which could off load into either of the open top collection areas. He set out riggers that stabilized the truck and swung the claw out and over a pile of debris in my yard.

What had taken me days to haul out to the curb was snatched up in a few moments. I suppose I could have complained that he didn’t replace his divots, leaving a couple of gouge marks in my lawn; but that would show a lack of gratitude for the overall improvement which was derived. Lucy and I thanked him and waved as he moved off to the next house and a chance to see the neighborhood return to normal.

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