Thursday, January 01, 2009


“The secret lies with Charlotte”, or in this case, the secret Is Charlotte. Lucy just finished putting the bowl of Charlotte in the refrigerator having spent several hours preparing the various ingredients in their proper order. The recipe has been handed down through the generations and has become a tradition this time of year.

When my mother had “responsibility” for preparing the Charlotte, we had it on Christmas Day; but Lucy prefers having it on New Year’s Day and, there being no doubt who’s in charge now; we have it on New Year’s Day.

The picture is a file photo from several years ago, not today’s Charlotte. The stemmed cherries won’t be placed on the Charlotte until moments before it is presented for consumption. To all the third world countries, backward ignorant peasants lacking in the most essential nutrients; this is how decadent Americans have to suffer after forcing themselves to down ten pounds of smoked ham, black eyed peas, cabbage and steamed rice.

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