Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hit Man DVD

Lucy and I watched an excellent presentation some time back on the local PBS station, Hit Man – David Foster & Friends. It was on one of their fund raiser segments and we decided to send in an unrealistic amount of money and in return we’d receive a copy of the program on a DVD. I’d have to admit to being ignorant; never heard of David Foster as the program started. That changed quickly as familiar number one tunes came through our surround sound stereo/television set up. You see, David Foster either wrote or produced all these hit songs for top talent such as Celine Dion and Josh Groban; just look at the jacket cover listing all the songs.

There’re a so many awesome performances on the DVD that it would be tough to say which are the best; however, Michael Buble’ did turn it up a notch up with his version of “Feeling Good”. I got turned onto Michael Buble’ when my daughter Bonnie brought home some of his music a year or so back, “Moondance” comes to mind as perhaps the first time I became aware of his abilities; unfortunately that tune’s not on this particular DVD.

If you want to purchase Hit Man – David Foster & Friends , just click on the link. The CD that comes with it has only about half of what’s on the DVD. This is a free plug, I’m not getting a penny; the album is so good I wanted to share it.

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