Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Kind of Change We Want?

I picked up the Sunday Houston Chronicle and found a new form of torture , one not mentioned by the liberal left in previous visions of hypocrisy. Socialist loving film maker Oliver Stone is about to finish the ground work for an upcoming documentary on Hugo Chavez.

“U.S. filmmaker Oliver Stone said he sees Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as an energetic, principled champion of change in Latin American and hopes to capture the spirit of his drive to roll back U.S. influence in an upcoming documentary.”

I’d already turned off the Obama “Pre-Coronation” orgy which was being run on at least four movie channels and every major network simultaneously. Tom Hanks, my favorite anti-Mormon actor, was reminding everyone of the historical significance of the Lincoln legacy. I was surprised to find Abraham Lincoln as Obama’s mentor, thinking Obama and Carl Marx would have more in common; but there’s not a prominent building in Washington with a statue of Marx, at least not yet.

Getting back to the Oliver Stone’s orgasm at having met the greatest man in South America; he went on with has ass-pirations for the American people. I understand the local medical technicians were able to extricate Stone’s nose when Chavez stopped too quickly, a risk that goes with the business; still, that had to hurt.

“This is what I like about Chavez: He’s a big man, he thinks big,” said Stone, who described the Venezuelan president as a “world-changer.”


“The director said he hopes President-elect Barack Obama takes a different approach toward Latin America and “should meet with Chavez.””

All I could see were the banners during the presidential election invoking “Change” and the promise of “Hope” with Obama as President of the United States. I’d have to say with all sincerity, “I hope this isn’t the kind of Change we’re in for.”

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