Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting the Yard Ready for Spring

I know you folks up north will start laughing at the idea of mowing yards this time of year; but here in Houston things work a bit differently. This afternoon I mowed the yard, mostly to get the leaves bagged up to use in the vegetable garden later on. Tomorrow, with any luck, I’ll put down an application of Scotts Weed and Feed.

Each winter the St. Augustine grass goes into hibernation; I’m not an expert so I make up the words as I go along. Weeds sprout up all over place and start to take over; kind of a never ending battle, so I use Weed and Feed.

I read some uncomplimentary remarks on the internet about the use of all purpose weed and feed fertilizers; but I’ve had great success each year with Scotts products. My guess is the folks spreading that “manure” are in competition with Scotts. There are some environmental whackos who don’t want anyone using weed killer products because we might destroy the planet. I’m only after Dollar Weed and those other unsightly weeds that are trying to take over the yard, at the moment; I’ll get to the environmental whackos later.

The photo I used was posted by some environmental whacko who doesn’t want folks using this product. I cut off the environmental warning that had been added; so sue me for not giving credit, I couldn’t find a picture of the exact product I’m using anyway.

I’m sure the environmental whackos have something to say about the destruction of the planet if you put salt down on the driveway, better you have a heart attack shoveling than for the spotted sewer toad to go extinct or some such insane excuse to keep you under their thumb. Okay, get back to shoveling snow; spring is a long way off for y’all (“youse guys”).

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