Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stimulus Bill Bankrupts America

If you liked reading about the Zimbabwean money crisis then you’re gonna just love what our own government is doing to the U.S. Dollar. There’s a video by Glenn Beck , posted over at Mover Mike, which shows how our treasury is printing money by the trillions with nothing to back it up. Some call this inflation; but to be honest I’d call it financial suicide or even murder.

Then you have to pay attention to the so called Stimulus Package being shoved down our throats by President Obama and the Democrat majority. If you recall, the Stimulus Package was presented to the American public as emergency funding to pay off Freddie and Fannie’s bad paper as if the sun wouldn’t come up in the morning without all that money being thrown down the toilet. We then were told that the sun wouldn’t come out if government didn’t bail out GM and Chrysler.

I’m not a fancy economist educated with all those market trends; but I can sniff out a liar better than most folks and this whole Stimulus Package is nothing more than a huge pork barrel orgy of the first order. Maybe it’s time to tell Washington to take their Stimulus Package and “stick where the sun don’t shine”.

I borrowed this other video clip from my friend David at Third World County . I don’t figure he’s going to be all that upset.

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