Sunday, May 17, 2009

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

It’s hard to beat Sunday after church; a short nap after having gotten up in the wee hours for my meetings with the Bishop makes up for the short sheeted bed, breakfast after the nap and the Astros managed to hold off the Cubs late inning rally to pull off a win to split a rain out shortened series.

I worked in the tomato garden yesterday pulling weeds and my muscles are a bit sore so I’m sitting on a heating pad which I nuked in the microwave here in my favorite chair in front of the computer. I’ve already had my nap or this chair would work its magic and I’d already be asleep.

Lucy had me take a peek at some new kittens…; but let me set this up properly. Ever since William took Roxie off to live with him and our Thurbie died, the neighbor hood order of wandering kitties has declared our yard an unofficial gathering place. I think there are at least 4 cats from around the neighborhood which come by for a visit, other than our own Bubba Kitty.

The social order of stray dogs and cats is sometimes known as the “Order of the Hobo’s X”, in reference to the suckers who maintain the property with a blind eye to what’s going on. Their leader is a large black male cat who keeps his distance and prefers sleeping on either my work truck or my little green Beamer. Anytime I walk out the back door he scoots off and hides rather than take the chance on actually introducing himself.

There’s a younger male black kitty, a black and white female and a younger generation Bubba type kitty. They keep a low profile, either hiding in the bushes or in the garage where there are plenty of dark shadowy places.

Lucy pointed out the “arrival” of two kittens this afternoon. They appear to be about 4-6 week old and probably were born in our garage. One of them wandered into the open area near the tomato garden a while ago; but the “Mama Kitty” chased it back into the safe confines of the garage when she saw me at the back window.

Last night Lucy and I attended a fund raising dinner/auction for our local Boy Scout troop as they prepare for Summer Camp. We donated three top quality back packs to the auction which helped raise funds. Other items up for auction were monthly delivered dessert treats, home baked bread, dinners, yard work and baby sitting. There were some premium donations; club level seating at Minute Maid Park for an upcoming Astros’ game, round trip tickets on Southwest Airlines, a lap top computer with all the whistles and bells and even a high end stainless steel kitchen sink complete with installation.

Lucy’s favorite television shows to watch are on the home fix up channel; total reconstruction before and after miracles, kitchen or bathroom make overs and things like that. Our kitchen has been partially reconstructed over the years; a new refrigerator and new dish washer among other things.

Many years ago we had a small kitchen fire which brought about a new microwave oven, cook top/oven to replace the damaged built in unit along with remodeled cabinets and flooring.

“Dad, do we have a second fire extinguisher?” is not the kind of question you want to hear on the phone when you’re out on a Saturday night date with your wife. William did everything right; turned off power to the house and emptied the fire extinguisher where the flames were coming out behind the oven. It turned out one of the wires behind the oven had become loosened, arced and caught fire inside the custom cabinetry. Had William not been home and acted quickly we might have lost the house.

Of the many items offered at the Scout Auction, that brand new stainless steel sink with a new faucet and installation caught my attention. We must be living right, new kittens, healthy tomato plants, the Astros won a game, time for a Sunday nap; we have everything including the kitchen sink.

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