Friday, May 15, 2009

What kind of “govmint” do you want?

I’ve had a difficult time putting my thoughts together, how to present information mostly because of the source. I got a video in my email explaining basic forms of government; except it was produced by the John Birch Society.

So many of the folks I know have warned me about “those Birchers”, like they were some kind of radical kook fringe cult. “We’re all moving to Waco to be Branch Davidians; you want to join us?”, that kind of radical kook fringe inference. I should also throw in how some of these same good intentioned friends warned me about “those Mormons”, “You know they’re really not Christians; their Jesus is a different Jesus Christ than our Jesus Christ.” You can see where this is going, right?

I guess we have to make decisions on what to believe; hopefully we depend on something more relevant than Wikipedia, the New York Times, or MSN. I did some homework and found the topic more entertaining than anything I was taught in high school or college for that matter. Here’s one of the links, there are many others, and I still couldn’t say for sure whether or not the John Birch Society deserves the moniker of being a radical subversive right wing secret society; but in today’s culture of finger pointing and back stabbing, maybe having the label of “possible terrorist” isn’t such a bad thing.

I couldn’t figure out a way to embed this video, just click and take in 27 minutes of fairly clear cut information on "govmint" in general. You decide if we’re headed in the right direction or should we worry about the brown shirts knocking at our door in the near future?

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