Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I’ve heard some of America’s detractors complaining of our imperialism, grabbing huge chunks of land all in the name of liberty. They appear to be correct; American soldiers fought and died in countries too weak to defend themselves and we do maintain exquisite gardens in each of those countries, enough to bury our dead.

“The ABMC ( American Battlefield Monuments Commission ) commemorative mission is reflected in 24 overseas military cemeteries that serve as resting places for almost 125,000 American war dead; on Tablets of the Missing that memorialize more than 94,000 U.S. servicemen and women; and through 25 memorials, monuments and markers.”

I hear folks whine about how Americans are arrogant, spoiled or any number of insulting words; I bite my tongue and swallow hard as images of what the world might look like had American military men and women not taken up the fight for liberty around the world. The price we ask; only a plot of land to bury our dead.

I understand President Obama plans to visit Dresden, Germany in the near future. According to sources, “Obama’s great-uncle, Charlie Payne, served in the 89th Infantry Division during World War II and participated in the liberation of Ohrdruf, a forced labor camp that was a satellite camp of Buchenwald.”

I figure, having observed his bowing and scraping on the last trip across the big pond, this might be another opportunity for Obama to apologize for American actions during WWII. Obama has apologized his way across Europe hoping they will stop calling us names or even like us, why not in Germany too? We didn’t mean to drop all those bombs on innocent Germans; only on the bad ones, how can we ever make it up to you?

While we’re enjoying our freedoms and liberties this Memorial Day, freedoms and liberties bought and paid for by American Military service men and women who sacrificed their futures that we might enjoy ours; please have the decency to honor these, our valiant dead, with a measure of respect and gratitude.

I’ve included several pictures of “conquered lands” in France, England, Italy, and the Philippines; all part of American imperialism as we impose liberty and freedom on the rest of the world. Memorial Day is not a made up holiday simply to make a three day weekend; to sell hot dogs, chips and beer and for hourly wage earners to make time and a half.

Hopefully, as you drive down the street this weekend you’ll see plenty of American flags waving respectfully in the breeze, a chance for each of us to reflect on what Americans have done to preserve freedom and liberty, and a prayer that we may continue to have the courage to stand up for freedom and liberty as the struggle is never ending.

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