Saturday, May 16, 2009

VOTE = Vote Or Take Entitlements

Stephen Macklin has an interesting article over at Hold the Mayo called, “Changing the Air” . Stephen suggested the time has come to replace elected representatives in government in a similar fashion to opening up our houses with the onset of spring, a chance to get rid of stale air.

“I think as a nation it may be time to do that with our House. And it wouldn't hurt to do it with the Senate either.”

Stephen wants to call the process VICE and VOICE; go read his article since, after all, it’s his clever article and I’m only responding. I don’t think it has a snowball’s chance in hell of working because the American public has grown far too comfortable with bottom feeding.

I had originally typed “Chinamen’s chance in hell”; but that term has since been listed as Politically Incorrect and under the terms and conditions of Hate Crimes legislation could very well be a felony even though no intent was ever directed toward any one particular Asian individual. The term Chinamen’s chance in hell is a remnant colloquialism from a bygone era when slandering an entire race had nothing to do with rational thought, personal injury or good taste.

Such terms were meant simply to generalize the odds of success and nothing more. I would have thought, upon deeper consideration, that such a comment might even be complimentary since not going to hell would imply landing the individual in a more preferable location; but then again, this has little if anything to do with electing a representative to stand up for us in office.

The only way VICE or VOICE has a chance will be to change the voting base to reflect more responsible voters than are now counted. Our republic cannot survive without individual self control, as has been espoused by historians.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Quincy Adams

“That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.” Thomas Jefferson

Both of those statements are directed to the idea that self governance is what America is all about, not being governed.

My brain wouldn’t engage the gear box as I looked for the particular quote that is hiding in my files somewhere or within one of the search engines available on the internet; in either case the exact quote eludes me. “Once a nation of free people learn they can vote themselves a portion of the community tax treasury that nation is doomed to self destruction” I know one of you out there can give me the exact wording and who said it; you get one “Atta Boy” for chirping in the correct answer via the comment section.

I maintain that voting is not a right; but a privilege which should be restricted to citizens who have shown some form of minimal responsibility and self control. Politicians, a deviant form of evolution originally called representatives, pander to those with limited, if any self control; those seeking government entitlements rather than pulling their own weight and actually having enough to then assist their neighbors.

There are ways in which to alter the current electoral process to weed out entitlement mentality individuals while at the same time maintain some semblance of civil order. A constitutional amendment would need to magically appear; because the crooks we have in Washington would never cooperate in slitting their own throats. The individual would have a choice between the privilege to participate in voting for local, state and national representatives OR accept temporary status as a ward of the state through acknowledged acceptance of welfare, tax relief or the other various entitlement programs which reduce otherwise self sufficient individuals to the status of indigent.

The temporary status of “indigent” would also be enforced through a timed “feed bag” arrangement which automatically would curtail the flow of entitlements so as to encourage self sufficiency rather than the current policy of “cradle to grave” government hand outs. Once the feed bag was empty that individual or family would either have to become self sufficient or leave the country and seek asylum in a benevolent socialist society filled with like minded slackers feeding off the fat of others with no control over their own wealth.

There is no such thing as forced sacrifice through taxation; the state mandated “offering” to help the poor is a poor substitute for charity which naturally occurs within the human condition. Robbing Peter to pay Paul guarantees that Paul will vote in favor of such governmental action and violates the premise of a self governing people by forcing one individual to give up the fruits of his/her labors in order to provide for another who could have supported his/herself.

So, who wants to work toward the concept of VOTE; you either get to elect representatives or sit back for a limited amount of time while slurping at the taxpayer assisted trough. You cannot have it both ways; the trough will only be refilled as long as working people are able to sustain not only themselves; but have enough to share with those unable or unwilling to do for themselves. This started out as a simple comment to Stephen’s article; I guess I “aired” that out, eh!

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