Tuesday, December 22, 2009

11th DWI and Still Has Driver’s License

It would appear that even with a long history of Driving While Intoxicated, Ralph Lynn Foltz Jr. has been stopped yet again for DWI . What I’d like to know from the folks at the Department of Public Safety, how is it Ralph Lynn Foltz Jr. had a valid Texas Driver’s License when he got stopped the other night?

I’m sure there will be an internal investigation, some clerk will get suspended or even fired for having issued a driver’s license to a man with several felony convictions for DWI. Maybe Ralph Lynn Foltz Jr. should run for congress; he’d fit right in, doesn’t give a hoot or a holler about the law and does what ever he pleases.

For the folks who occasionally leave a comment; I got an email notification from Haloscan that sometime in January there’s to be some kind of upgrade, an upgrade that will come with a price tag. I don’t get that many comments to begin with so don’t look for me to be concerned with the loss of that function or the history of comments associated with previous articles.

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