Thursday, December 24, 2009

Princess Hobo Kitty

Today the Princess made a bold move by entering the house without getting spooked and immediately exiting. She started in the kitchen nook, worked her way around to the dining room and then relaxed on the rug in the living room near the Christmas tree.

I found some catnip spray at the local Wal-Mart and put it on the fabric of a kitty bed under the kitchen nook table where she’d felt comfortable hiding in the shadows. That may have aided in letting the Princess gain a little confidence to investigate further, or not.

We heard the sound of a golf ball rolling around on the hard wood flooring. Princess was having a wonderful time; as if she belonged inside, enjoying the attention and not at all claustrophobic as she had been the last time she’d come inside.

Presently, the Princess is sleeping on the soft cushion of the rocking chair which is right next to me as I write. She never flinched, not once, when the flash of the camera captured her image. I’m curious to see how she’ll react as the lights are turned off for the night in a bit.

The cold front which pushed its way through Houston earlier today has given us a blustery day, plenty of wind gusts and a thirty degree drop from yesterday this same time. Princess may be smarter than Brother and Cousin who are sleeping in the garage while she remains inside warm and content to be among the giants.

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Antony Peter Senecal said...

Love it!!!!!! Tony Senecal