Thursday, December 17, 2009

Looking in Mirrors

It’s been raining all last night and throughout the day with temperatures hovering just below 50 degrees, not good for business; but great for baking cookies, or should I say eating cookies that Lucy’s been making. I wouldn’t want to spoil my appetite before dinner so I’ll only have a couple more ginger bread men.

This past week J.R., a friend of mine, posted a short line on his Facebook page asking whether more time should be spent looking through the windshield or in the mirror. The natural answer would be to look ahead since most challenges would be in that direction.

Mirrors hold a certain fascination with me, always have ; especially the ones that are slightly curved and bend the image slightly. I guess this falls into the “stop and smell the roses” category; or maybe take a very brief moment to look at the other view while continuing forward since we were driving.

Here’s a double bonus, two mirrors in one snap shot; a spot mirror within a side mirror. This is a converted 35mm slide photograph from back in the 70’s when we were in Big Bend Park, driving through the back country near Boquillas. Maybe the dry desert air was what I wanted to enjoy today, dust kicking up behind my truck instead of all this rain; yea, that must be why I picked this one.

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