Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lehi’s Vision

This morning I noticed the fog shrouded trees while feeding our Hobo Kitties; it looked like a good time to get the camera out. A few snapshots later I had a new wall paper back drop for my computer’s monitor; “stretched to fit” mode let it fill the screen as if I were standing in the morning mist.

Glad I wasn’t driving in the fog as it hung down and touched the ground so as to obscure objects that weren’t that far away. Earlier in the morning, the fog was even more dense, a murky soup that would have been down right dangerous to maneuver in.

I thought of Lehi’s vision from the Book of Mormon, how the only way to stay on the path was to hold fast to the iron rod. In a talk given April 4, 1971, Harold B. Lee addressed his thoughts regarding aimlessness, the loss of direction individuals encounter during their lives and how Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life applies.

If nothing else, you have another picture that can be used as wall paper; beats the Window’s Logo wall paper.

The New Year is only a few hours away, one of my goals will be to re-read the Book of Mormon. This year’s course of study in Sunday School is the Old Testament so I have plenty to read other than just for entertainment. The scriptures are the word of God, the iron rod which Lehi saw in his vision, learning and being obedient to the information found therein is a sure way to stay on the path back to our Father in Heaven.

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