Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chill Amigo!

Let’s take a look at how government in these United States is being run into the ground by folks who are in positions of leadership. We keep hearing a similar excuse being espoused, “I haven’t read it”; played back in a variety of ways.

In the case of the Arizona Illegal Alien Mexican Stand Off bill far too many high ranking Obama administration officials have the ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look on their faces as they quietly confess into a microphone during a news conference, “I haven’t read it”. Is it politically correct to have fun with the name of that bill or is that considered a thoughtless and irresponsible racist remark?

Ask yourself this question, if you were head of Homeland Security or the Attorney General preparing for the next day knowing one of your duties would be a press conference having to do with Arizona’s recently passed illegal alien law; would you make more than a feeble attempt to bring yourself up to speed on the facts or would you depend on the limo driver’s opinion, the fellow who dropped you off at the television studio assuming he’d watched CNN the night before?

Did that help clarify the issue or was that a bit over the top? We are being asked to believe, “I haven’t read it”, when logic dictates otherwise. Why not revert to the excuse we all heard back in grade school, “The dog ate my homework”? At least “The dog ate my homework” would get a few well deserved belly laughs.

When I was young a classmate failed to turn in a homework assignment and came up with a lame excuse. He told Mr. K, our teacher, “I accidentally left it on my desk on my way out the door to catch the bus.” We thought it was a great excuse, one the teacher would have to buy into; but it didn’t wash then and it won’t wash now. Mr. K drove him home; having called his parents to let them know the two would arrive momentarily to retrieve the homework that was supposed to be on his desk. I guess that’s when the dog ate his homework; and he didn’t even own a dog.

Getting caught in a lie and being made to look the fool was enough to teach everyone one in our class an important lesson. It’s a shame our Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General didn’t have Mr. K as a 6th grade teacher or they would have learned that lesson.

Do you really believe the Barbara Streisand answers being handed out? I think the military response is Bravo Sierra; almost acceptable in civilized company and you’re able to get the drift. I could have said it was pure male bovine excrement, a favorite substitute phrase which conjures up a similar image; “I haven’t read it”, yea, right.

When I was a night shift police officer I was given an official reprimand for using the original version of BS in front of a junior police officer which hurt his feelings; not making this up folks, hurt his feelings. I was less than impressed with his decision to make a mountain out of a mole hill and told him so; hurt his feelings, oh well. He’s probably a Captain by now making life miserable for anyone who hasn’t read and memorized the Rules Manual; but I’m getting off topic.

The Obama administration and those in the awkward spotlight at the moment know full well the Arizona illegal immigration bill is patterned after the federal version; so closely as to be indistinguishable with the exception that now local law enforcement can help federal officers do their job more efficiently.

The Obama administration doesn’t want our borders defended or closed. The marching orders, “I haven’t read it” are to cover up outrage which cannot be spoken. Folks in Arizona are concerned for their safety and expect the federal government to protect them from drug dealers, murderers and kidnappers.

Undocumented seasonal workers are the same as you and me; looking for the good life, free medical coverage, free education, assisted housing and every other entitlement under the sun; in other words future registered Democrat voters. The Obama administration is outraged; calling future citizens drug dealers, murderers and kidnappers is hardly neighborly; chill amigo!

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MK said...

"It’s a shame our Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General didn’t have Mr. K as a 6th grade teacher or they would have learned that lesson."

Wouldn't make any difference, leftists don't know what shame it. it's only liberals who occasionally can be shamed into doing the right thing. Not so with the hardcore left, they have no shame.

WomanHonorThyself said...

exactly..we need to vote out these tools once and for all and take back this Nation!

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T. F. Stern said...

My Japanese translation tool came up with "Imaginative power ability ratio knowledge 更 adding enormous.. "

Well, at least you're not trying to sell laptop batteries via my comment section. I have no idea what that means; but glad you stopped by.