Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank You Congressman McClintock

Having observed Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s tongue lashing of America while addressing Congress as an invited guest, I found it hard to put my disgust into words. A number of Democrats rose ceremoniously to applaud Calderon’s displeasure with Arizona’s illegal immigration law, a law which mirrors US law. I wasn’t sure who angered me more, a pompous jerk from Mexico or those who stood to cheer his words.

Then Congressman McClintock stood and spoke. His response was a well measured rebuke citing Calderon’s lack of respect for America; but included a stinging censure for members of Congress who stood and applauded Calderon’s remarks.

I cut through to the heart of McClintock’s articulated disgust and have placed only a portion here; please use the supplied link to read the entire reproof .

“But there is now an element in our political structure that seeks to undermine that concept of “E Pluribus Unum.” It seeks to hyphenate Americans, to develop linguistic divisions, to assign rights and preferences based on race and ethnicity, and to elevate devotion to foreign ideologies and traditions, while at the same time denigrating American culture, American values and American founding principles.

In order to do so, they know that they have to stop the process of assimilation. In order to do that, they must undermine our immigration laws.

It is an outrage that a foreign head of state would appear in this chamber and actively seek to do so. And it is a disgrace that he would be cheered on from the left wing of the White House and by many Democrats in this Congress.”

Thank You, Congressman McClintock for defining my contempt for those who fail to support America while purporting to represent our great nation. Is there a petition we can sign, a formal request for earmark funding; tar & feathers, enough to include a rail to run these dolts out of town come November?

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal , a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution”.


Starsplash said...

Ya Mexico needs us, we don't need them.

T. F. Stern said...

The most enlightening comment I've seen anywhere recognized the fact that nothing happens in Washington without permission of Obama. That means Obama invited Calderon to speak and supplied him with the topic and likely the words to speak. The entire tongue lashing was orchestrated by Obama in all probability. If you think about that, a sitting president of the US intentionally demeaning his own country for all the world to see; this is worse than his world tour of apologizing for our being at fault for all the worlds troubles.

MK said...

i hope someone is going to play the video of the democrat scum applauding him over and over to the voters. They need to know how contemptuous and treasonous the left really are.

T. F. Stern said...

If the voters can't see these folks for what they are by now then America has no chance of digging out of this hole. The problem is we are now a welfare state/ entitlement mentality nation and the folks who are on the dole expect things to remain that way forever and ever. Some of them have never been taught to stand on their own, to be responsible for not only themselves but to also bear the burden for those who truly are in need, not the lazy bums who refuse to work for minimum wage because they make that much on welfare.

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