Monday, May 10, 2010

Illegal Alien Mexican Assassins

For you folks in California and New York who have no clue and yet are ready to declare war on the good folks in Arizona for defending their state from illegal aliens, maybe you should figure out which side you’re on before shooting your mouths off. I’m sorry; Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claims there’s no problem with illegal aliens along our southern border ; Bill Clinton never told a lie and the check's in the mail, yeah, right.

I read where a federal judge in New York awarded an illegal alien $145,000 because he was held past the two day limit and never picked up by ICE to be deported. He has a lengthy criminal record according to police but was permitted to post bond and then skipped out on his court date after having been arrested with crack cocaine in his pocket. Did they have to give him his illegal drugs back or did the federal judge use them prior to handing out taxpayer money to an illegal alien; who said crime doesn’t pay?

Why bother explaining important issues to folks in California or New York; go back to your latte, this has nothing to do with you anyway. Bail out money from more responsible states is on the way because you both are too big to fail.

I received the below information from a respected friend which reportedly came from Rangers and law enforcement with first hand knowledge of the incident. As you know, one of the local ranchers was murdered in Douglas last month. His funeral was on April 10th. You decide whether or not it should have been reported in the media.

“Yesterday afternoon I talked to another rancher near us who is a friend of ours and whose great grandfather started their ranch here in 1880. These are good people. He told me what really happened out at the Krentz ranch and what you won't read in the papers. The Border Patrol is afraid of starting a small war between civilians here and the drug cartels in Mexico .

Bob Krentz was checking his water like he does every evening and came upon an illegal who was lying on the ground telling him he was sick. Bob called the Border Patrol and asked for a medical helicopter evac. As he turned to go back to his ATV he was shot in the side. The round came from down and angled up so they know the shooter was on the ground. Bob's firearm was in the ATV so he had no chance. Wounded he called the Cochise County Sherriff and asked for help. Bleeding in the lungs he called his brother but the line was bad so he called his wife but again the line was bad.

Several ranchers heard the radio call and drove to his location. Bob was dead by this time. The ranchers tracked the shooter 8 miles back towards Mexico and cornered him in a brushy draw. This was all at night. The Sherriff and Border Patrol arrived and told them not to go down and engage the murderer. They went around to the back side and if you can believe it the assassin managed to get by a BP helicopter and a Sherriff's posse and back to Mexico. So much for professional help when you need it.

One week before the murder Bob and his brother Phil (who I shoot with) hauled a huge quantity of drugs off the ranch that they found in trucks. One week before that a rancher near Naco did the same thing. Two nights later gangs broke into his ranch house and beat him and his wife and told them that if they touched any drugs they found they would come back and kill them. The ranchers here deal with cut fences and haul drug deliveries off their ranches all the time. What ranchers think is that the drug cartels beat the one rancher and shot Bob because they wanted to send a message. Bob always gave food and water to illegals and so they think they sent the assassin to pose as an illegal who was hungry and thirsty knowing it would catch Bob off guard.

What is going on down here is NOT being reported. You need to tell people how bad it is along the border. Texas is worse. Near El Paso it's in a state of war. 5000 people were killed in Ciudad Juarez last year and it's over 2000 so far this year. Gun sales down here are through the roof and I get emails from people wanting firearms training.

Something has to be done but I don't hold out much hope. These gangs have groups in almost every city in the US. This is serious business. The Barrio Azteca and their sub gangs are like Mexican Corporations and organized extremely well. If this doesn't get dealt with down here you guys will deal with it on your streets.”

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal , a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution”.


The probligo said...

So in truth, and if I "read between the lines", there is actually a disconnect between "illegals" and "drug cartel".

The guys making the threats to kill could easily be genuine US citizens out to make their "own personal capitalist pile" from the illicit drug trade. The poor wounded guy "who did the killing" might as easily be a courier who tried short-changing the boss.

The mums and kids who try getting across the fetid drain that the Rio Grande has become are the ones your border patrols usually catch...

... and I can not for the life of me help wondering why that might be.

T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, You should really get approval from your mother prior to playing on the internet.

MK said...

"Did they have to give him his illegal drugs back or did the federal judge use them prior to handing out taxpayer money to an illegal alien..."

Seriously, did the judge use them? I'd like to know.

The media will never give a crap as long as it's white people being shot and murdered, it's the same thing in South Africa, racism and hate crimes happen all the time, but because it's whitey that's on the receiving end, they don't give a damn. There will come a day though when it'll be them on the receiving end of the murderous savages they enabled.

"So in truth, and if I "read between the lines""

What progress, proby can read now, but judging from his comment, there's a disconnect between what his bird brain received and what was actually posted.

"Probligo, You should really get approval from your mother prior to playing on the internet."

It's just the way proby is TF, first reaction is always to coddle the criminal and make excuses for him like whining about capitalism and throwing up red herrings [no i wasn't referring to actual birds proby, i know how jittery you are about the feathered bogeymen].

Notice not a syllable from proby about the rancher who got murdered, if anything, proby's mother failed this morally bankrupt adolescent, perhaps the boy just couldn't be taught.

ahura said...

probligo, out of sheer curiosity, what is your view on illegal immigration. Are you one of those open borders people, dismantle all border security, do away with airport security, no passports, no papers, nothing, just free travel in and out of any country?

"The guys making the threats to kill could easily be genuine US citizens out to make their "own personal capitalist pile" from the illicit drug trade."

What's capitalism got to do with anything, being a macro-economist, i assumed you were a fan of capitalism, no?

The Zombieslayer said...

I'm in California. Illegals are ruining our schools and filling up our jails. If only Californians had the balls the folks in Arizona have.

T. F. Stern said...

Zombieslayer, I thought Madam Pelosi had enough for everyone...