Friday, June 11, 2010

Crisis Abuse 101

I have to hand it to the Obama administration for being able to work their agenda forward through the use of immediacy and crisis intervention. Each new crisis takes our nation further from its foundations of free enterprise and individual liberty; all for the sake of saving what’s left, if you believe what they’re dishing out.

The transformation of our country from capitalism to socialism is right on schedule, maybe even more progressed than the left had hoped for. The health services industry has been successfully taken over by the government placing each and every individual under their power. The mortgage industry’s demise, which in large part was responsible for the destruction of our economy, was the result of government intervention and gross negligence.

Emergency bailout money which was supposed to kick start the economy was never intended to do anything of the sort; just a diversion to pacify those too stupid to see the game plan. Roughly eight million jobs were lost in the private sector and we are told that the recession is almost over, that jobs are returning and the future is bright. How can the future be bright when most so called jobs being created are in the public sector rather than in private industry?

The latest crisis spin has to do with off shore drilling. The drilling disaster in the Gulf has been used to shut down any and all drilling until all the facts have been properly considered. When you hear a statement like that it sounds not only fair; but desirable; unless the purpose of the statement is to eradicate off shore drilling as a means of supporting our economy and way of life.

According to a news story on Fox , Interior Secretary Ken Salazar altered the official report and recommendations of the National Academy of Engineering after they had signed the document. Salazar added two paragraphs which made it appear these experts endorsed shutting down platform drilling in the Gulf when in fact they’d recommend just the opposite. In plain English, Salazar and President Obama lied to the American public in order to accomplish a political agenda.

“Salazar apologized to those experts Thursday.”

“The experts who are involved in crafting the report gave us their recommendation and their input and I very much appreciate those recommendations,” he said. “It was not their decision on the moratorium. It was my decision and the president’s decision to move forward.”

Salazar’s false apology speaks volumes about the Obama administration. He said, “I very much appreciate those recommendations”, which meant, “Thanks for lending us your names to make it appear we’d taken reasonable measures in order justify destroying yet another important part of the free market.” The public was under the impression that important technical issues related to the oil industry had been studied by experts; and they had, just that their input was ignored in favor of Obama’s socialist agenda.

The Fox news article went on to explain long term damage done to off shore drilling, particularly in deep water locations. Drilling for oil isn’t as simple as flipping a switch to turn on the lights or turning the key to start your car; drilling for oil involves considerable planning and investment. The most expensive and modern drilling platforms take years to build and become productive.

“They also said that because the floating rigs are scarce and in high demand worldwide, they will not simply sit in the Gulf idle for six months. The rigs will go to the North Sea and West Africa, possibly preventing the U.S. from being able to resume drilling for years.”

Instead of energy independence America is now at the mercy of the world’s oil producers to supply the needs of our sputtering economy. The weak minded, those who voted this clown into the Oval Office, will soon be clamoring for more government intervention, more hand outs as the economy worsens. More workers will be laid off as private industry grinds to an even slower pace when the price of oil goes up and its supply dwindles. The socialist agenda doesn’t happen over night; sometimes it takes a six month moratorium on drilling to help it along.

Obama’s moratorium on off shore drilling, no more oil spills to ruin the environment, sounded like it was in the best interests of the American people; however, it was simply more presidential oratory intended to distract the public. Obama is a master when it comes to advancing his agenda by taking advantage of a crisis. Is this the hope and change Americans voted for? Obama has in fact put his boot on the throat of America’s oil production, effectively killing off any chance for resumed production in the foreseeable future. This, my friends, is today’s lesson in Crisis Abuse 101; are you taking notes?

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David said...

Just a couple of days ago, Jerry Pournelle commented,

"[T]his remains one of the most critical years in the history of the Republic. The US has not faced an existential threat in any of its wars. One could say that faced it and lost in the Civil War, as that transformed these United States into The United States and put the Federal Government firmly in the saddle; and of course losing World War II or really bad moves in the Cold War would have been disastrous (See Phil Dick's Man in the High Castle as an example); but really the US has been behind the oceans and safe from foreign invasion.

But that is all changing, and the nature of the Republic has changed drastically since I was in high school civics. It's different country now, and it's headed further toward the sort of place you expect to see in Europe, a nanny state with subjects where care of the subjects and control of the subjects is the object of government, and when one asks about liberty the answer is always 'Well we're for liberty! But ---' and after the but comes increasingly less polite demands that you do something or cease doing something.

And I think this year and this election may be the most crucial I have lived through since, say, Midway and Stalingrad. Certainly since the end of the USSR."

T. F. Stern said...

I never thought I'd see the day when our worst enemies were elected. Not only elected; but hold the majority of the house, senate and oval office. It does only take one generation to destroy a nation; we may have to watch our own nation hit bottom during our lifetime.

David said...

"...we may have to watch our own nation hit bottom during our lifetime."

Let those who have eyes, see, and ears, hear... Before it's too late.

MK said...

All that's needed to thwart an obama is a candidate who can explain to the American people that safer and cheaper drilling can and should happen closer to America.

They need to get across to Americans that wind and farting power isn't what's going to give you energy independence from muslim savages. It's a combination of nuclear and drilling in America for Americans.

Perhaps this will only happen when the price of your gas goes through the roof and the people are ready to kick the left in the nuts.

walsha said...

The shortest answer is doing. ............................................................

Starsplash said...

It's all caught in a vicious cycle now isn't it? O-scum-a and dumocrats would have to find a way to reduce the cost(force) of gasoline to have any hopes of winning any elections but if they move to reduce the cost of gasoline then they lose the economic incentives of the people to move to green sources(and anger the green nuts). If they don't, the prices go up people naturally look for ways to reduce their cost of energy, and the majority get mad and vote the incumbants out.

It all works in our favor. The Democrats once again cannot reconcile the huge, huge difference in the cobbled together alliance. Over at wizbang I found an article about how the Oduma admistration won't recind the jonse act to allow for the movement of forign ships between American Ports which would allow foreign ships to help in the oil clean-up. This apparently in support of the Unions. Dum-de-dum-dum

Starsplash said...

Jones act.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, I'd agree except when you factor in the kind of folks who voted Democrats into office without a thought. The lazy minded or just plain lazy citizens, those who vote with their hands out listening for hollow promises don't deserve to live in a free country will destroy liberty in favor of security.

Walsa, The scriptures back that up, hearing and understanding are a waste without doing.

Ron, The cycle of liars trying to satisfy whackos rather than standing up for what is right has put America in the deep end of the pool. Vote no incumbents come November and start with all new faces.

T. F. Stern said...

The following comment came via email from a good friend:

"I talked with my good friend who knows what is going on in the oil patch. At least one rig that he knows about has already moved to Brazil. They also sign long term contracts of 3 years or more so at least one is long gone for the next 3 years."

Our short sighted leadership has done it too us again.

Starsplash said...

TF.. Ya'ba.

Col. Hogan said...

Prehaps it can now be seen that the evil B Hussein is deliberately working to destroy America as a free, capitalist country--not that his predecessors were much better.

T. F. Stern said...

Col Hogan, There was a comment by David which explains the situation, he quoted scripture, "Let those who have eyes, see, and ears, hear... Before it's too late."

Those who will refuse to hear or see are those who will try to keep Obama in office, that and the rubber stamp congress too.