Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lost a Hobo Grandkitten

It was a rough day as we lost one of the Hobo Grandkittens. We’ve been making sure to check under the car or truck prior to moving since the Hobo kitties like playing on the tires, in the wheel well or sleeping in the shadows on a hot day.
This afternoon I was about to leave on a locksmith job and saw several small fur balls under the truck so I banged on the fender and made extra noise getting into the cab. Unfortunately one of the little orange fur balls had gotten up inside the motor compartment and as soon as I cranked the engine it was too late; the little critter had a terrifying last moment in the serpentine drive belt system.

It disabled my truck, having knocked the serpentine belt off its pulleys and then lodged body parts behind the pulleys in such a way as to make removal very difficult; emotionally and physically pushing my limits. Tomorrow a replacement serpentine belt will be installed; my attempts at shade tree mechanic work fell short.
I ran the locksmith call in my BMW Z-3; transferring a few keys, cutter, programming computer and tool box, just enough to get the job done since it was already promised. Upon arrival I found I’d left important tools behind; not that my mind was totally prepared to do much of anything at the moment. I called Lucy and she drove down with what I’d left in the truck. It gave me a chance to explain to the customer what had transpired and unload a bit.
The photograph was taken earlier in the week; subtract one orange puff ball. Once they are weaned we plan to have the humane society pick them up, spay and neuter, shots and then find homes for them all. Having a Hobo’s “X” on our door has brought moments of joy; but there’s pain too, today was painful.


MK said...

That's awful, but don't blame yourself for it TF, poor thing didn't know any better and you couldn't have known where it ended up.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, I don't feel guilt for what I could not have known; these things happen. What bothers me, and I admit it still bothers me, is the image of what I saw under the hood of my truck, having to hack the little critter into pieces to get it out knowing that moments earlier it had been alive and enjoying life. That is a terrible image I'll have to get past. Thanks for a kind thought.

David said...

Not fun. About 20 years ago, I returned home from work to find my Wonder Woman and the kids a tad upset for a similar reason. Clothes dryer incident similar to your truck incident. *sigh*

Lil buggers will get in the most unhandy places.

T. F. Stern said...

David, The one we're calling Mark Twain scooted inside the house when my daughter opened the back door without paying attention. It hid under our bed all day and it took three grown people to figure out how to capture it and get it back outside without hurting it. Never dull around here, that's for sure.