Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal and the Wolves

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, our top U.S. war commander in Afghanistan, made the mistake of opening his mouth in front of the news media the other day; didn’t he ever watch the movie, Patton? It doesn’t matter if McChrystal had the best battlefield record or the worst at this point; he spoke out of turn on matters which don’t belong in print and that makes his position rather awkward if not untenable.

“McChrystal has been called to the White House Situation Room on Wednesday to explain his comments to the magazine directly to the president, a senior administration official told Fox News. Normally, he would appear on a conference call for a regular strategy session.”

Gen. McChrystal will need to stand patiently, hat in hand, as he watches his military career flushed down the toilet by men who aren’t fit to tie his shoe laces on the battlefield; such is the nature of politics. It might be fun to be a fly on the wall when McChrystal meets with the wolves back at the White House; their teeth bared, circling around waiting for the perfect moment to take him down.

There’s line from the Wedding Crashers, one that fits the situation quite well, “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” I can hear Obama belittle, demean and deride (is that redundant?) a decorated battlefield veteran as our commander and thief ( just a typo, ignore that), lectures McChrystal.

I have it from a reliable source that our troops, while under fire, must obtain permission from local government officials prior to engaging the enemy lest they accidentally take out unintended targets. They have been subjected to small arms fire accompanied by rocket propelled grenades and watched as their enemies run off and hide inside local residences. The mayor or head honcho of the town then explains that the folks who live in that particular house are good people and could not possibly have been involved; permission to engage denied. Is this any way to run a war?

The problem with leading our troops in Afghanistan has to do with understanding the goal. Our valiant men and women are in harms way, not to win; but to lose gracefully, tail tucked between our legs in a pleasing manner until our exit strategy calendar has timed out.

General McChrystal should use this opportunity as his exit strategy, do a “MacArthur” and simply fade away. The wolves will win the battle for McChrystal’s hide; but they are intent on losing the war.

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Starsplash said...

Tis all a scam. Not one quote from the general cept how streeful it was waiting on Bobma to make a decision on the ramp up in troops.

T. F. Stern said...

Ron, The moment the Gen stepped in front of the microphone he was already yesterday's news. He walked into a political ambush; maybe even on purpose just so he could be removed from a no win war situation that he didn't want to be part of.

Either way we still have a commander in thief who has no business sitting in the Oval Office.

Starsplash said...

Kindof looks that way.

T. F. Stern said...

Ron, I heard a different "take" on the reason he was being removed; had to do with his old school stand against gays in the military. I don't know how true that is; but it does make sense since Patraus (sp) has openly backed doing away with Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

It doesn't matter who leads our military to a planned defeat because Obama and the left have already plotted our exit strategy.

The probligo said...

Having read th TF, and pondered on it for a couple days there is only one conclusion I can reach.

You are all in favour of sending an additional 20,000 American troops to Afghanistan.

Your criticism of Obama is that he will not authorise that action.


T. F. Stern said...

Probligo, I applaud your ability to jump to conclusions, even with little or no information to go on.

What I favor is sound tactical deployment without having our troops hands tied behind their backs. When you "play" war with real soldiers in harms way it speaks of stupidity on our part. Asking permission to go after those who just shot at you is stupid and yet that is what our troops are instructed to do.

Then add the insult of knowing that if you have not obliterated your target by next year you come home and just leave the mess to fester until it comes to haunt you on your own soil. This is our political system mucking things up by not understanding the enemy which has engaged us.

Other than that you got most of it right.

The probligo said...

Yep, especially when Americans trying to remove the Taleban from the Harmand is likely to be as successful as the Taleban removing Dixie and the Baptist Church from the South.