Saturday, June 19, 2010

Silver Bubba’s Hobo Kittens

Yesterday Silver Bubba’s kittens were enjoying the cucumber patch. These two are about two weeks younger than Head Buttr’s and Shadow’s kittens so they are considerably smaller and tend to play off from the others. You might recognize Mark Twain from a previously posted article .

The moment I opened the back door they implemented an exit strategy at the edge of the garden just in case the giant got too close. Silver Bubba stepped in, taking her position between me and her kittens; pretending to be relaxed among the cucumber plants, all the while keeping her ears tuned in my direction.

The other Hobo Grandkittens were hiding under the brush pile making it nearly impossible to take a photograph of them. These little fur balls are fun to watch as they give everything they have in what ever occupies their attention; catching a leaf, swatting at their mother’s tail, pouncing on each other or climbing half way up a tree.

The little iron worker has absolutely no fear of heights and likes to lie in wait on a tree stump until one of the others unwittingly wanders below. He’ll spring with wild abandon, paws fully extended, catching the air as he lands squarely on his brother or sister; hard to tell without violating their privacy.

When they run out of energy they plop down without a care and go to sleep. I’ve developed an interesting new habit when considering the use of vehicles ever since the unfortunate accident a week ago . While I continue to make lots of extra noise prior to getting into my truck, I’ve added a step, opening the hood and checking the engine compartment prior to starting the motor. It only takes a few moments; but oh, those few moments…


MK said...

Very nice of you TF, to take the extra step to keep them out from the truck's insides. I wonder though if there is some sort of repellent that one can spray/apply to keep animals away.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, We're still looking for the original Hobo's X so we can paint over