Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Going Postal?

In a world of uncertainty most folks understand the term “going postal”. It means the last nerve snapped and the person in question has returned to work with some form of firearm to get even with co-workers, supervisors or anyone who happens to be in front of his rage. The U.S. Postal service may not deserve association with such a term; then again it might. According to a story out of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin this morning one delivery worker decided to “post-all” for the public.

“A Wisconsin postal carrier says he simply wanted to cheer up a woman on his rounds who seemed “stressed out” when he decided to deliver mail in the buff.”

“But upon further review, the worker told police that delivering mail while completely naked probably wasn't a good idea.”

That last line could easily have read, “Butt on further review…”; a little too graphic perhaps? As Ray Stevens would have warned, “Don’t look Ethyl…too late; she’d already been mooned.”

Maybe he wanted to work for TSA and was trying to get “a feel” for the job. (bada bing)

It’s the middle of the week, “hump day”; is it any wonder the local paper doesn’t print my stuff? Okay; I’ll try to behave, not easy being me.


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Where do these people come from, what is in their water.

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There is a "traditional" (about 30 years of tradition) mid-winter gathering down in the South Island that started as the "Brass Monkey Festival". Good bikers all, but I very much doubt that they would get down to the fundamentals...

The prospects of frostbite.