Monday, December 20, 2010

Rotate Key Every 3000 Miles

Every now and again you find a customer with a key story worth sharing; like the fellow who drilled a hole in the head of his key to make sure it wouldn’t fall off his key ring, drilled smack dab through the transponder of his key and wondered why his car wouldn’t start. I found another interesting key/story the other day.

“You have to jiggle the key up and down a bunch before it turns the ignition”, that’s exactly what the man told me. He’d heard from a friend that a good locksmith could replace a worn key by reading the pattern made by the cuts, even a severely worn key.


I looked at the key and winced at bit, tilted my head enough to ask the question without having to say a word as I wrote down what I thought were the proper cuts.

“Oh, that;…I pulled it out of my tire after it accidentally got run over.”

Judging from the wear and tear that key had to have made it past at least one oil change before he noticed a loss of tire pressure. Maybe he wanted to try the new “hide a key” tire by Goodyear, “Never get locked out”; don’t think Goodyear has such a product. Sure you can unlock the door; but who needs to if you’re sitting on a flat? Besides; “You have to jiggle the key up and down a bunch before it turns the ignition”.

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