Thursday, December 09, 2010

Senior Cat Moment

Our inside the house senior kitty, Bubba, puts up with the outside Hobo Kitties; well, mostly. As long as they keep their distance, don’t come in the house and walk on her floor, breathe her air or eat her food she puts up with them. She especially doesn’t like Silver Bubba and will chase her down just to beat her up; must be something about them both having a short fuse. Bubba’s` turned a blind eye to Head Buttr’ coming in the house; go figure.

Bubba stays to herself most of the time; sleeps on the massage table or at the top of the stairs depending on the time of day. When I get out of the shower she’s learned that being covered with a towel serves as her own private cave. She’ll stay under the towel for hours, an invisibility cloak that helps her forget that there are nine Hobo Kitties outside her house sleeping in her garage.


MK said...

Wow, she stays under there for hours, most animals shy away from being covered or hate it outright.

T. F. Stern said...

MK, Yesterday she stayed there under the towel and never moved for just over 4 hours before coming out to get a bite to eat. I'm not saying she's spoiled, but she has two full time human servants, a large house with lots of room to relax, cable television with surround sound stereo and year long temperature controlled environment.