Friday, September 08, 2006

Freedom From Fear

Lucy and I got invited to attend my grandson’s kindergarten class this morning as they wanted to spotlight grandparents. I took time out to visit and enjoyed watching JJ in his schoolroom environment. This is the Redd School, a private enterprise and not the public school system version of socialism indoctrination.

JJ showed a picture he’d been working on and held it up proudly as the teacher took our picture. I enjoyed the compliment when told that I didn’t look old enough to be a grandparent. Way back when, I had a Captain who would proudly explain that “I don’t get gray hair; I give it!”; having shaved my mustache and beard does make me look a tad younger.

Lucy and I watched as JJ went past the snack table which had been prepared for everyone; picking out a well balanced portion of carrots, celery, apple wedges, a square of cheddar cheese and a pouch of juice. JJ had watched as the grandparents went through first, each item being skewered with a tooth pick as it was placed on the paper plate. JJ must have been impressed with the new social requirement as he carefully attacked each item with his toothpick. He had a little trouble getting the toothpick to penetrate a crunchy cookie that eventually fell to the floor and had to be discarded.

JJ sat with a friend at one of the small tables as we continued to take in all that was going on around us. JJ must have equated the toothpick as being the same as a fork, sticking it through each item prior to eating. The cheese cube was fun as it easily spun around, placed exactly in the middle of the toothpick, like an ear of corn. The carrots were a bit harder and the celery was nearly impossible to manage until he held it firmly in one hand and was able to drive the toothpick in; holding it like a popsicle until it was finished.

This weekend many will be pondering the importance of what happened on September 11, 2001; an attack on America and our way of life. One of the reasons we have gone to war is to protect the next generation so that they can grow up to appreciate all that we have here in America. Norman Rockwell painted a group of illustrations known as the “Four Freedoms” (link via title bar).

I’ve shown the one titled, “Freedom from Fear” as it conveys our desire to live in peace while we are engaged in war. May we one day reduce the impact of terrorism by exposing our enemy’s strongholds, bringing them from the shadows where they hide and take away their ability to wage war. May we strengthen our resolve to safeguard our country’s future by remembering what it is we stand for, what is important to being an American.

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