Thursday, September 21, 2006

George W. Bush - Dumb Like a Fox

Growing up I can recall hearing the phrase, “He’s dumb like a fox”, maybe it was, “Crazy like a fox”, I don’t think it matters a whole lot. I tried to picture in my mind what would qualify such a statement. I think I’ve found just the person; George W. Bush. Here’s a man who has been called stupid, illiterate and dumb by quite a few folks; all the while continuing with his duties in spite of the distractions.

It would seem that by quietly letting the talking heads rally around the flag pole of ridicule, letting them vent their hateful remarks and slanderous denouncements of his presidential abilities that the time has come for the truth to come forth. President Bush has the truth on his side, something which needs no fabrication, no pumping up to become “more” true; truth wins out over time.

Mover Mike had an article which he called, “Who is Tyler Drumheller?” (linked via title bar) The main thrust of the piece goes on to explain that Tyler Drumheller claimed that Bush took the United States to war with Iraq in spite of being informed by the intelligence community that Saddam Hussein was not building WMD’s and had no program to obtain nuclear weapons. Mike refers to an article published on NewsMax by Ronald Kessler and is linked by Mike.

“An addenda to the Senate report on postwar findings about Iraq's WMD program says all the operational documents relating to Sabri indicate he told the CIA just the opposite of what Drumheller claimed. The Senate report refers to Sabri as a source with direct access to Saddam Hussein and his inner circle but does not name him.”

{. . . }

At least 134 stories and TV shows have referred to Drumheller's claims and his criticism of the CIA and Bush administration in general. One of the stories ran as the second lead of the June 25, 2006 Washington Post.”

What this says is that in spite of knowing that they were continuing to spread a lie, one that fit their agenda to undermine the credibility of a sitting president during a time of war, the large news media organizations representing the “not so loyal opposition” would rather slander an honest man engaged in defending American interests than admit they made a mistake. I’d call that treason; but what do I know?

Why hasn’t there been a news conference to enlighten the American public as to the truthfulness and integrity of President Bush? The extreme left continues the mantra, “Bush Lied”, Bush is a dummy and too stupid to run the country. Where is the humble pie being served to the liberal media giants, their remorse for having mislead the public through shabby reporting and slanted journalism; my guess it will never happen.

Key leaders in the Democratic Party, those who have had access to this same information continue to ignore the facts set down by their own investigation of these matters, instead holding to their lies and misinformation in the hope that a public, tired of being lied to and not sure which side to believe, will flip a coin to determine the truth. Truth has a strange way of making it to the surface, this time it comes two months away from election time.

The Bush administration has been labeled as too stupid and inept at determining the course of action against a known enemy, an enemy who was known by Republicans and Democrats alike to be in direct violation of the U.N. resolutions, violations which if left unchecked would have left us more vulnerable, violations which are not a matter of opinion; rather, are well documented and a part of the Senate’s findings.

Why would these folks turn around and publicly denounce their own President on the world stage as being a liar and too ignorant to be trusted. Could it be a case of these folks looking in the mirror and explaining how they see themselves? When you hear Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi hollering into a microphone, “Don’t believe the President, He’s a liar”, what you should consider is that these folks are actually bellowing, “Don’t listen to us, we’re liars. We say these things to make a better man than we are, President George W. Bush, look as bad as we are”.

President Bush has taken a steady barrage of insults from the so called “loyal opposition”, which include leaders in the Democratic Party and a goodly portion of Hollywood’s pretend leaders; Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte and Barbara Streisand come to mind, those whose only qualifications are their box office draw rather than actual “gravitas”. Instead of hammering the liars, President Bush has waited for the course of truth to unveil itself at a most interesting “juncture”, as his father would have said. No, George Bush isn’t dumb, well, maybe he’s “dumb like a fox.”

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