Friday, September 08, 2006

Potpourri Friday September 8th

That’s a fancy way of saying I have no clue what to call today’s meandering thoughts. I read a couple of neat articles this morning. The first piece was by DL over at TMH Bacon Bits which he called “GOP – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde (linked via title bar), about good and evil and how you can’t play with evil and expect to walk away without being damaged.

The second was by Al, Old Whig’s Brain Dump, entitled, “Khatami’s Harvard Visit Is a Disgrace” that points out the need to draw a line between those who are our declared enemy as we are at war rather than appease them, welcome them with open arms to hear their thoughts on why we should be eradicated. He then added his comments on the negative effects of government interfering with the free market, the need for UNBRIDLE CAPITALISM.

I had a bowl of cereal, bite sized shredded wheat with some kind of sugar and vanilla coating, sitting in front of the television prior to getting my morning shower. The movie, National Treasure was on, my having missed the first fifteen minutes or so. The show had gotten to past the part where The Charlotte gets blown to kingdom come followed by a breath taking pan shot of Washington D.C. There was some kind of music in the background as the beginning credits flashed by and introduced the movie, I could feel the music as it awoke something in me, a rhythm emphasizing the human effort and pride we all hopefully share being Americans.

A few minutes later I was stepping into the shower and noticed the bottom of the tub needed cleaning as I poured some Comet over it. I practiced a few dance steps from the 60’s on the dampened powder, drawing the bleach over the areas needing attention until the tub floor returned to its natural sparkling appearance. (In the name of common decency I didn’t include any video clips)

I found myself replaying the base tune from National Treasure, (no, there is not a Freudian connection associated with my standing in my birthday suit and National Treasure, or is there?) I then realized that the tune was very similar to the one in the movie, Babe, all about the cute little pig who finds a special talent in being friendly and then goes on to win a sheep herding contest. They smile quietly as perfect scores are displayed, Babe and his master standing together, having won the prize and the music announces their triumphant efforts; same music or pretty darn close.

Now, to tie all this together I would return to the concept of good and evil. We are provided with opportunities to improve ourselves each day, the choices of what we listen to, what we read, with whom we associate with and what we contemplate; rather like an elevator or set of stairs, the direction we go being left to our agency. There is a passage in the Book of Mormon that came to mind, one that clearly provides a means by which anyone can figure out, how to decide if something is good or if it is evil. It can be found in Moroni 7:5-20. I invite you to read the entire chapter, paying close attention to the truths found therein.

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