Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Almost Gone

I watched the Military History Channel most of the day and got to where I could take no more of the images shown. Try to imagine having been there in person; having to endure the Bataan Death March where 36,000 of 70,000 prisoners of war died from abuse, starvation, disease and execution. That was the last documentary I would watch today.

We are about to sit down for a family meal; hot potato salad, tomato and cucumber salad, a brisket which has been slow cooking all day, deviled eggs, ranch style beans, bread and later on a cake which is in the oven now. It’s difficult to keep my emotions in check as I picture starving prisoners in the bowels of death ships headed to Japan waiting for half a canteen’s worth of water ration and the slim chance at a handful of rice, all the while living in the stench created from their living conditions. What we have been given should never be taken lightly.

This last picture of my street with several American Flags gives me hope. A community which honors this day might have something worth passing along to our children.

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