Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orchard Spider

I may have to take a muscle relaxing pill after having poured through hundreds of pictures of spiders on the internet trying to find one that looks like the one in my tomato garden. This one, a common Orchard Spider, came close, not exactly the same; but my skin was already crawling from too much spider viewing and I had to leave it alone. Years ago my back actually went out on me when I was home alone watching the movie, Arachnophobia.

I got out my old 35mm camera; but there was too much of a breeze making the spider and its web jump around as the tomato plants swayed and the level of light was too low to permit a fast enough shutter speed. I will try again tomorrow or the next day with some high speed film; for you young folks, cameras at one time used film for taking pictures. It was a long drawn out process which required taking the used roll of film to the store where it was developed and then printed in order to obtain an image. I’ll admit to being spoiled to the digital age of cameras. Maybe one day I’ll step up to the line and get a 35mm style digital camera.

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