Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why There Can Be No Peace With Hamas

I read an AP story on the FoxNews website, one that explains why there can be no peace with Hamas. If this weren’t such a sad truth some might think it came from a Saturday Night Live skit intended to make Hamas look like a bunch of dumb-asses.

“GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A Palestinian homicide bomber detonated a truck loaded with explosives as he tried to ram a crucial crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel early Thursday, militants said. There were no casualties besides the bomber.”

It gets better the more you read:

“Abu Thaer, a spokesman for Al Aqsa, said three other fighters on the mission were following in a jeep, and planned to enter the crossing after the explosion to spray the area with gunfire. But there was heavy fog in the morning and their jeep ran into a mound of sand and overturned, he said. They fled unharmed, he said.”

The purpose of the attack was to force Israel to accept a six month truce. In the next episode to be aired next Thursday, a squad of men with small table cloths draped over their heads and brandishing hand grenades as they pull the pins standing defiantly at the same location will shout at the Israeli army on the other side. The leader of the group will be Arwe ThereYet, who attended Al Ask, the local Palestinian school for truck drivers, a two hour seminar on how to get the seat belt secure while wearing an explosive pack on your chest. The guy on the left looks so much like John Belushi as to be his twin; and isn’t that tall guy next to him Dan Aykroyd?

“We demand you surrender. We’re giving you to the count of ten or we will throw these activated grenades and destroy all of you. One, two, three, four, five”… Kablouey. There is a large cloud of dust, several small indentations in the earth as the Israeli soldiers wonder how they can encourage similar skirmishes.

Further down in the article is the real reason there can be no peace with Hamas:

“Israel claims that Hamas would only use a lull in fighting to rearm, strengthen its rule and prepare for another round of fighting, and Hamas officials acknowledge that is one of their goals.”

Hamas, and the UN, are demanding that Israel give Hamas time to rearm in order that Hamas can resume its goal of wiping the state of Israel off the map. We need to give Hamas a fair chance to kill you, they’re running a bit low on explosives and other necessary forms of ammunition so just sign the papers; isn’t that what I’m reading?

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