Friday, May 09, 2008

Some Folks Aren’t Happy Unless They’re Miserable

I read on the FoxNews website where the Code Pink “ladies”, and that is more than they deserve, the Code Pink ladies are going to start casting spells on the U. S. Marine recruiting center.

“Code Pink — which was given parking and noise permits by the City Council and is allowed to protest during the recruiting center's business hours — has been protesting daily since September.”

Several years ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had an open house prior to the dedication of the Houston Texas Temple. I recall seeing several protestors standing at the intersection outside the grounds handing out anti-Mormon literature.

It was very warm and rather than ignore the protestors some of the volunteer workers who had been giving tours of the temple grounds took pitchers of ice water, lemonade and sandwiches out to them. The protests evaporated; it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm of hate when those you hate make sure you’re taken care of.

Maybe the Marines could take the “Code Pinks” some MRE’s, a few canteens of stale warm water or offer them something to sit on; must get tiresome balancing on those brooms day in and day out. Strange land we live in; isn’t it?

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