Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tomato Garden Has Promise

This year’s tomato garden is starting to make me feel good, a reassurance that every now and then I get one right without having said a word. The blooms from last week are showing promise, little green orbs hanging here and there. I only have room for twelve plants, a place in my yard where they’ll get enough sun and they’re fenced in to protect them from the dogs.

I took the camera out there a few minutes ago as the light faded into evening. It’s been overcast most of the afternoon with a threat of rain which made these tomato plants look even more inviting, shadows to add depth to an otherwise small patch of earth. I took several shots attempting to capture the quiet appeal of evening shadows in the tomato garden; the first without the use of a flash.

I picked the first one, the one with the slightest hint of blurring because I liked the way it felt; that sounds interesting and yet a picture can have those qualities. The other photographs highlighted the small tomatoes, the color contrasting as the flash burst; but the subtle unimposing plants with the earthy tones trying to hold on to the last bit of natural light is how they look in reality.

You folks up in the colder areas of the country are just going to have to wait a bit longer; oh well. I heard where I-70 west of Denver was closed today after a snow storm made travel hazardous; you just keep enjoying that weather, I’ll take Houston with it’s early planting season.

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