Monday, June 23, 2008

Don’t Confuse Me With Facts

The other day I learned why little, if any, progress is being made in my attempts to expose Obama for what he is; a slick politician with Marxist leanings and sympathies for the Black Liberation Theology. I have a group of folks to whom I send my blog articles via their email; these are the other 7 readers that make up my total of 10 or so “regulars”. I engaged one of the more liberal left leaning folks in conversation wanting his opinion on the latest articles I’d sent him this past week.

“As soon as I saw Obama in the title I quit reading. I knew it would only …” You get the idea, he didn’t want to hear anything which might run contrary to the mantra. This is the same response to articles written which don’t fit the “Algorian” environmental whacko template, the English as an official language, illegal immigration and rigid enforcement of our borders or the long term threat the US faces from militant Islam. The ears are shut and the eyes are closed to information which include facts as opposed to feelings.

The first thing which came to mind was the scene at the beginning of Beverly Hills Cop. I’ve been subjected to foul language ( technical police terminology ); but this film had more than its share. The movie starts off with a chase, a wild no holds bared romp with our hero, Axel Foley working as an undercover cop, being tossed around in the back of a truck full of cigarettes; taking out parked cars, cop cars, a city bus and half of Detroit.

The cigarettes were supposed to be impounded as evidence from a previous case; but had been used by Axel Foley without his supervisor’s knowledge, and more importantly, their permission. Foley is standing next to his locker in the back area of the police station, about to find out how unhappy his immediate supervisor is, all the while his buddy’s reminding him that taking the truck load of cigarettes wasn’t a good idea. Foley covers his ears and pretends to be ignore what is being said.

“La la lala la la la …I’m not listening to you, la lala la la la la…” Foley’s talking so loud as to drown out what he doesn’t want to hear. Shortly thereafter the supervisor shows up and starts in on Foley.

For the record, the human factor in global warming is a sham which will, if permitted, shut down the industrialized world as we know it. There are those who would have us believe, by governmental decree, that the consumption of oil and coal must be to blame for each and every hurricane, drought and flood. It makes perfectly good sense to turn a limited supply of corn, something which should be used as food, into gasoline additives which lower regular gasoline’s efficiency and at the same time drives up the price of food and transportation costs with the added bonus of costing billions of tax payer dollars as incentives for going along with this farce.

Obama stands for change; vote for change, vote to save the planet and he will guarantee those evil oil companies, those rich corporations and anyone else who has taken advantage of Joe Lunchbox will pay dearly, to the point of destroying them as an example to the world that we will not be out done by the socialist countries in Europe and Asia. Obama, ummmmmm…Obama will make sure that Americans won’t live in fear by making guns illegal. Obama, ummmmmm… Obama will negotiate with those who hate America and take their word that their nuclear production facilities are only for peaceful purposes and would never be used as weapons against anyone. Obama, ummmmmm; placing a little dot in the middle of my forehead, ummmmm, Obama for change.

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