Monday, June 30, 2008

We don’t need no stinkin’ racists here!

One of the news stories hitting the national arena came from Houston where a grand jury decided that a citizen was within the law when he shot two burglary suspects who’d broken into his next door neighbor’s house. The details of what happened can be found on most of the news outlets; but the one which got me hot under the collar was found on the Houston NBC local website, KPRC, where self appointed black community activist and public relations mouth piece Quanell X had a chance to get in front of a microphone.

“"There is not a snowflake chance in (expletive) that an African-American could have done what Joe Horn did and not be locked away in the Harris County jail," community activist Quanell X said in a statement Monday.”

Quanell X has impugned the entire community with a blanket statement which simply is not true. Where are the leaders of the black community stepping up to the line to challenge this hate mongering media whore? The fact that there are no black leaders stepping up to challenge such an irresponsible racist such as Quanell X does not speak well for the black community. Why would the news media go out of its way to lend Quanell X the spot light each time there’s a racially charged event? I think I answered my own question, at least in part when I wrote, Problem with Criminal Justice System in a Nut Shell .

This is not the “Jim Crow” oppressive white society which existed quite a while back; although there are many who continue to feed off the memory, selling that lie as if Jim Crow were still in place to the down trodden masses in our time, those looking for an excuse to justify their own lack of effort rather than be honest. There was a time when “people of color” were treated as second class citizens, or worse; but this is not the case today; except in the twisted minds of those living on hate and a desire to drive a wedge into the community in order to further selfish desires, Quanell X is such a person. I would hope Houstonians; black, white or other, would show Quanell X the highway leading out of town, we don’t need no stinkin’ racists here!

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