Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vero Possumus

A tip of the hat goes to David over at Third World County for sharing this tidbit. Hope your newest computer configuration comes together and works.

My folks live in Vero, Vero Beach that is, Florida; sounds a little like the beginning of a Beverly Hillbilly show. When I saw the “Great Seal” of Obama along with the fancy Latin verse I thought it was a reference to some kind of road kill.

Vero Possumus translated comes out as “Yes We Can”; how was I supposed to know the presidential hopeful was a fan of Bob the Builder? Being a grandparent whose turned the pages looking for Bob the Builder’s hammer in the “fold downs”, finding little blue kitty and all kinds of neat stuff, at least to a two year old; I should have known right off. I have to wonder, not that it’s a proper question to ask a presidential hopeful, does he have fancy underwear with pictures; my grandson went through a stage where it was Bob the Builder, Spiderman or nothing.

In the case of Obama and the fold downs, what will we find in those places to look for a clue while the presidential campaign rolls through? Looking for answers in his book, “Obama for Change”, might prove more challenging. At least in Bob the Builder books the fold downs are pretty easy to pick off, not so with Obama and his smoke and mirrors.

Why couldn’t Obama have used something different on his newly created Great Seal; like maybe, “Where’s Waldo?” which is a lot more fun for adults and challenging to the eye. Anybody out there up on their Latin, “Where’s Waldo”; come on, got to have a Latin verse on Obama’s Great Seal.

In the Where’s Obama version of the book start looking for our hero in the shadows, he’ll be sitting next to a corrupt real estate developer or a home grown terrorist from the 60’s; one place you won’t find him will be the vacant spot in a pew at the Rev. Wright’s Trinity Church. I Hope I didn’t give it away for you still wondering where to find Obama.

There could be a sea of white businessmen scattered all across the pages, some carrying brief cases, getting into taxi cabs, waiting at the train station and then there would only be one black business man hidden in the maze of humanity wearing the red and white give away cap and scarf. This will be a fun book to turn the pages with my grandchildren, “Where’s Obama?” The first book might be called, “Change to Marxist America” with other versions later on, “Find the Handguns” and “Scrap NASA”.

The red and white striped cap might be a problem with Obama since he won’t even wear an American Flag pin on his lapel and just this morning I read where Obama knows how the GOP will use the race card to frighten voters away from a black candidate; perhaps the “Where’s Obama” book will have lots of black businessmen mixed in there too. Some folks might think the cap was some kind of Muslim thing; no, better not have anything to suggest Osama has any links to Islam.

How is it Obama was the first to pull out the “race card” and then warn us that this was what the GOP would be doing? Obama, “Do we smell a skunk?”, and the answer comes back, “Yes We Can!” Vero Possumus!

There was a song we used to enjoy with our children while on vacation. Driving down the road there would be a faint unpleasant odor that grew stronger the closer we’d get. The kids would hold their noses as we all began singing, “Dead skunk in the middle of the road, dead skunk in the middle of the road, dead skunk in the middle of the road and it’s stinkin’ to high heaven.” We’d all have a good laugh and hope the smell didn’t linger too long.

Four years is a long time; wake up America, don’t you smell it? There won’t be near as much laughing as we sing, “Dead skunk in the middle of the road, dead skunk in the middle of the road, there’s dead skunk in the middle of the road and it’s stinkin’ to high heaven.” Can we prevent Obama from pulling the wool over our eyes, “Yes We Can!”

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