Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time for a Rant

I read where a high school student was being denied a chance to “walk the stage” with her classmates because of cancer. Well, that’s not really correct; but if they reported the truth there wouldn’t have been a story. The young woman has been battling cancer and has overcome much; but the fact remains she hasn’t completed the requirements to graduate. She will need to attend summer school; last time I looked, surviving a terrible disease didn’t count towards a high school diploma.

video reporting of this made my blood boil as they tried to make the school principle out to be hard hearted for not “bending the rules” to accommodate this latest victim of misfortune. I can hear it now, “She’s entitled to a little recognition for having fought such a good fight.”

Elsewhere in the news; twenty years ago, Darryl Barnes, a poor victim of the police, hit the “justice system lotto” when a
jury awarded this slime ball $ 76.4 million after getting into a shoot out with the police, a shoot out which left him paralyzed. Let’s ease his suffering and pain with millions of tax payer dollars; never mind that this dirt bag had a gun and shot at a police officer.

“The court issued a terse, one-line decision on Tuesday, saying, “Motion for leave to appeal denied with one hundred dollars costs and necessary reproduction disbursements.” That ruling ends the case, the city Law Department said.”


“The city appealed, arguing the trial court had improperly excluded proof that Barnes was a member of an anti-white, anti-police group that advocates violent resistance to arrest.”

Thank goodness someone in the court system had the backbone and sense enough to put an end to the lunacy inflicted upon society. How can our society survive when criminals can persuade a jury (of their peers) to award them, reward them, for attempting to kill police officers?

I don’t think I can read much more of the news as my blood pressure elevates each time one of these stories makes its way to the headlines. Sure glad my tomato garden is doing so well; some folks are having to toss out all those store bought tomatoes for fear of contracting
salmonella poisoning.

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