Friday, June 27, 2008

A rose by any other name…

Shakespeare wrote: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Most folks are familiar with the famous line, even though they might not know it was from Romeo and Juliet; a reference to the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

I read several articles this morning before the work day pulled me off to make a living; I’ll figure out how to tie them together now that the sun’s gone down. I had a great day other than wrenching my back out on the first job; drilling out a bad ignition switch on a Ford Contour pulled the left side near my rib cage into spasms.

The Wall Street Journal had a heads up on Nancy Pelosi, “The Pelosi Doctrine”, which explained “that House Democrats aim to reimpose the "Fairness Doctrine" on radio and TV broadcasters.”

“Polls show most Americans and in particular most conservatives view the Fairness Doctrine as nothing less than censorship, specifically aimed at silencing Rush Limbaugh and similar icons of conservative talk radio. When Indiana Republican Mike Pence last year offered a House bill that would impose a one-year moratorium on any new Fairness Doctrine, the bill received more than 300 votes. Even many Democrats supported the provision.”

The left can’t stand the fact that conservative talk shows are able to offer an opinion outside of the drive by media; the Fairness Doctrine could easily be used to silence the opposition. A rose by any other name…

Never Yet Melted had a similar post, “Liberals: Totalitarian Enablers”, which identifies the Democratic Party through recognizable monikers past and present.

“The liberal agenda (today) is, in many respects, the same as it was in the thirties. Whether you call it communism, fascism, socialism, liberalism, or progressivism, the only real difference is how much they believe they can get away with, the way they sell it to people, and the latest trendy name for what they believe.”


“Instead, what you have to do is watch what other liberals have done when they have come into power. Look at Canada, where conservatives are being put on trial for hate crimes because they’ve dared to criticize Muslims. Look at European countries, where they have socialistic economies, sky high tax rates, rigid speech codes, and overweening nanny states. You can even look at liberal enclaves in the United States like Berkeley and San Francisco, where members of the military are treated like pariahs and they boo the national anthem.”

There’s a pattern which begins to become more clear, the Democratic Party’s agenda is, and has been for quite some time, to erode the liberty of individuals in favor of a collective in which the state takes care of making choices because they believe it's too dangerous leaving it in the hands of individuals, far too dangerous for individuals who are too dumb, ignorant or in some other way incapable of self government.

Better than half of our elected Congressmen and Senators, mostly Democrats, don’t believe the average American is capable of managing a budget, providing their families with health insurance, retirement or most anything of importance; that’s what government is for.

Washington DC doesn’t trust their citizens to own guns, neither does San Francisco or Chicago; only government agents such as the police or the military are capable of the discipline necessary to properly use firearms, isn’t that what their respective mayors have said?

Political Correctness is simply another step closer to the removal of one more liberty supposedly guaranteed, freedom of speech; but that only applies to certain folks, not everyone. A rose by any other name…

Lisa over at Liberal Common Sense shared an email from John Kerry in which he went to great lengths to stress the need to pack the Senate with “progressive” leaders.

“Let me cut to the chase: If you want anything big to happen after January, you need to give President Barack Obama a big progressive majority. Period.”

“We need a more progressive Senate to fight for a better America. With your help, we can elect some more great progressives and take another jump forward to a government in DC that works for all of us.”

Let me think for a moment, that’s right, progressive is the new name for “communism, fascism, socialism, liberalism” because most folks associate those monikers with failure and encroachment on individual liberties and rights. By the time the masses figure out how badly they’ve been duped it will be too late. John Kerry has already counted the votes and declared Barack Obama President; see how this works. A rose by any other name…

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