Friday, June 17, 2011

Conversation with my granddaughter

Jocelyne called a while ago wanting to talk to “Memaw”. They were catching up on things and Lucy told her all about finding yet another Mama Hobo Kitty living in our garage and that we now had new baby kittens to look after. The idea of having different Hobo Kitties, that is, other than the group we already had living in our garage caused her to wonder about things. The topic changed slightly as she thought about one of her favorite Hobo Kitties, Head Buttr’; the one who’d let Jocelyne pet her.

My granddaughter asked, “How come Head Buttr’ didn’t look both ways before trying to cross the street and getting hit by a car?” Lucy said it would be hard to say since Head Buttr’ was dead couldn’t tell us now.

“Well you could write her a letter and put it on the marker where she’s buried. Then Head Buttr’ could read the letter and tell you why she didn’t look both ways.”

Jocelyne told us a “secret”; she’d been given a complimentary Tracy Drywall pen of her very own. She could now write and draw with her own pen. Lucy and Jocelyne talked about next time she was over they could read a book together. Having a conversation with a 5 year old, almost 6, is a worthwhile event; takes your mind off of other pressing issues.


MathewK said...

They say the quirkiest things don't they.

T. F. Stern said...

They have an interesting way of expressing simple feelings; well worth listening to I might add.