Monday, June 06, 2011

Let’s destroy another crop

If you’ve been locked away in a closet of late, there was a deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe which sickened hundreds and is linked to the deaths of at least 22 people. Last week cucumbers were blamed and folks immediately stopped buying cucumbers.

Over the weekend bean sprouts were said to have started the outbreak; but that was before any evidence was found to support such an announcement. Like it or not the media controls public awareness; folks are not going to eat cucumbers or bean sprouts for quite some time.

“German authorities searching for the source of the deadly E. coli strain said Monday that initial tests on suspect bean sprouts were negative. Tests will be carried out on a wider sample of older sprouts and packaging, Die Welt newspaper reported.”

This is a little like “trial by media”; breaking news about a crime, the suspect’s picture is splashed across the evening news with a smattering of details to indicate police got the dirt bag and good riddance to bad baggage. Articles appear for a couple of days showing crime scene photographs with close ups of a pair of little girls panties to let everyone know what kind of beast was involved, the suspect’s picture carefully offset on the monitor. The suspect, a geometry teacher for the past 14 years, is said to have raped one of our precious children; loss of a once promising career and he’s forced to move away from his respectable neighborhood.

A few months go by and the public isn’t interested in the follow up story on page 26 of the local rag which exonerated the suspect; not much is mentioned of his being unable to find gainful employment. He might as well be a cucumber or a bag of bean sprouts; nobody will go near him.

“Suspicion for the cause of the deadliest known E. coli outbreak had fallen on lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, initially from Spain. The E. coli outbreak has killed 22 people, sickened more than 2,200 and left Europeans across the continent uneasy about eating raw vegetables.”

Remember sitting at the dinner table with a lump of cold spinach looking back at you? Your parents giving the old, “You’re not finished until you eat every last bite!” as you try to push it under the napkin. “There are children in Africa starving”, that was the killer line back when I was a kid.

I once offered to collect my left over vegetables, put them in a parcel post box and have it delivered; the suggestion was not received well and I still had to eat my spinach. Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy, even relish freshly steamed spinach; a little butter and salt to bring out the natural flavor.

In this brave new world your children, while trying to get away from the table might say, “This stuff tastes like sh...” Before they complete that last word you interrupt them, “It is; now finish your dinner!”

This whole E. coli thing is a scare tactic; government goons trying to put farmers out of business; but why? It must have something to do with cows destroying the atmosphere, methane, CO2 levels or some such thing.

Eventually private farms will go bankrupt and the government will take over. Former farm owners are now on the clock as employees or perhaps a better term, indentured slaves. They make enough to get by, no more, no less; just like the rest of the work force.

Can you imagine eating Government Brand Spinach; never fresh and only comes in a can? No more fresh spinach that might contain bacteria; no, this stuff will have been nuked before it ever hits the shelves. Time to set this aside; it’s time for breakfast.

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David said...

Perhaps a slightly different generation. All the kids I know were manipulated with "starving children in China"--*heh*

MathewK said...

I think i had a bit of food poisoning yesterday, spent most of yesterday throwing up. Not pleasant i can tell you.

I don't know what it was, cook them veggies i tell ya, just to be sure.