Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fish or Cut Bait

I watched as thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina stood around waiting to be rescued from New Orleans. They had nothing, no food, no water, no proper shelter and they were sitting around on the streets to be evacuated.

I think it would be much better to have the food, the water, temporary tent shelters with proper toilets, shower facilities brought in for these folks. Set it up as if it were a military operation and enlist those who are victims to help rebuild and assist those who cannot do for themselves. The quicker a person starts to help others the quicker he or she will shed the feeling of being a victim. I know that they have been through a terrible ordeal; but leaving New Orleans just so that someone else will come to take his/her place is not the answer.

These folks have to find the pride of community from within or they will be victims the rest of their lives, regardless of where they get shipped off as a temporary means to lighten their misery of the moment. Those who can work should be helping now; get them some food, some fresh clothing and start them back on the road to being part of the solution instead of being poor helpless victims with nothing to do but wait.

We have the means of providing military drops in war zones; I see no real difference in the logistics. Send in the advance personnel to receive these supplies, to prevent looting of them and to supervise the new found “troops” already on the ground and waiting to help. Those who don’t wish to help, fine, get to the end of the food line. Those who don’t want to help, fine, get to the end of the temporary shelter line. Those in need of immediate help should have already been identified; the infirm, the aged, the small children. It’s time to fish or cut bait.

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