Saturday, September 03, 2005

A nice way to finish up the week

It’s been busy around our house this week as we get ready to redecorate our bedroom. We bought a fancy sleep number system bed to take the place of a waterbed and it will arrive in two weeks. We figured while we had the chance we would replace the carpet, paint the walls and put up some kind of new window covering. It took all of four hours to drain the waterbed so that it could be taken apart and hauled out so that my son could have it. Most of our bedroom furniture is now in the garage with the exception of one huge oak desk that will be moved out the double doors of our bedroom on the day the carpet gets installed. If it rains that day I’ll throw a tarp over it until the carpet is in.

Lucy and I bought window covering stuff, they used to be called curtains or even drapes; but these are layered and have specific names so I’ll just call them window covering stuff and let Lucy enjoy knowing more than I do. Saturday night dates are much different when you are in your 50’s than when you’re in your teens; a nice dinner and then off to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and home by nine.

I posted a couple of blogs over at Liberty Letters this week; mostly having to do with the aftermath of the hurricane. I find myself looking into the darker corners of my own warped mind in one I called “Is there a Mr. Hyde in You?”. My own sweet wife was wondering out loud if maybe, just maybe New Orleans could use a character like the one in the movie, Death Wish; a person who could wait in the shadows and take out the rift raft.

In another post, “Idle hands are the devils instruments”, I asked why those who have taken shelter here in Houston’s Astrodome, why can’t those that are able help with some of the more mundane tasks; food line service, cleaning or babysitting so that others could.
I only brought it up because of the never ending requests for help from our community, help which seems to have no limits, at least not yet.

I had one of my “rambling rants” going as I asked, “What’s your mindset?”. I think I may have answered one too many spam phone calls, the last one came in the middle of a job that required all of my attention and then some. A couple of years ago I found that my answering service had been charging me for each and every spam call that came in; I can hang up on them just as easily.

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