Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Update Friday

I just talked with Justin, my son in law who is up in San Antonio. He let me know that Lucy and the ladies from church are safe and sleeping there now after having arrived late last night. The telephone lines are working better this morning; not quite as busy and overloaded as they were last night.

As a matter of record, yesterday was the first day of Fall and we set a record 100 degrees for the day. I hope we can avoid any more weather related records the rest of the week. I am on my daughter’s computer upstairs because I took the CPU of my computer and sent it off with Lucy on the outside chance that the house and all our stuff got destroyed by the hurricane; that way all our business records and files would be salvageable for tax purposes and ease of restoration. (how’s that for a morbid thought) The other reason I’m upstairs is because I figure my cell phone reception might be better up here; “Can you hear me now?”

I fell asleep watching the history channel on D-Day. I have no idea what other programs I slept through. Maybe it will be like when I was a student and expected to learn via osmosis. Some day I’ll be playing Trivial Pursuit or watching Ken Jennings on his 479th visit to Jeopardy; the topic will come up and instantly my brain will come up with an obscure answer derived from having heard the information while sleeping on the sofa.
It could happen…

The sun is coming through the mini-blinds up here on the second floor. Looks like a beautiful day; knowing that off to the south and east Rita is bearing down on us. I am still hoping that the weather forecasters are correct, at least those who put landfall off towards Beaumont or farther east. Either way it will be nasty. I will post later on.

In the event that power is lost I will have my generator, the one in my work truck, to keep the refrigerator and freezer going. I have battery operated radio and television and plenty of food. It will be like camping only this way…I was going to say I have my own bed to sleep in except that our new bed won’t be delivered until next Thursday. I could sleep on the new carpet that we had installed in our bedroom. We sealed the bottom portions of the doors on the back side of the house with tape and plastic to keep out rising water; at least we hope it will. If the carpet gets wet; forget the hurricane, Lucy will be the one who kills me for not listening to her request to wait until after the hurricane has come and gone to have the carpet installed.

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