Saturday, September 10, 2005

Simple Reminder from a Wise Man

I got an email from a friend, Richard Sutton, who sends out interesting blurbs all the time. Sometimes he has a joke to share, an interesting picture, puns or some one liners. It’s like having a Dutch Uncle who cares enough to send simple reminders of his having had you in his thoughts. That alone has value, to be thought of by somebody with a busy schedule and yet has enough time to jot down your name and send you an email that he thought might cheer you up, turn a gray day into a sunny day or take your mind off of the cares of the world long enough to smile.

I got one a while ago, something I’d heard a couple of times and yet there is something captivating about it, a sincere desire from the heart. We should be thinking of unity and binding up wounds, helping those in distress from all the damage done by the Hurricane. We also need to remember other more destructive times, yes, more destructive than the damage done by Hurricane Katrina.

Do you remember the Spirit that was evident all across our country in the days following the attack on 911? There were no ACLU lawyers spouting off about how wrong it was for our civic leaders to invoke the help of our God to help mend those wounds. The use of prayer was prevalent and we took full advantage of it as we resolved to be better citizens and help those around us whose lives had been turned upside down. What happened to that Spirit, that Spirit which had laid dormant and then come to life out of necessity?

A destructive wedge has been applied to our Union, one that attempts to silence our uniquely American Spirit, a Spirit that says, “We can do it; with the help of God, we can do anything!” There is an under current tearing at the foundation of Liberty. It has the appearance of being for the collective good of the group while destroying the Liberty of each individual in that group; in other words, it’s a lie. They have lawyers to advance their cause, the ACLU. They attack each and every reference to God and Christianity in order to remove it from our active society. The goal is to turn a country once dependent upon the blessings from Heaven into a godless society in which government, not God, is the source of all benefits.

The link that my friend sent me is in the title bar; one that should remind us all of how something very simple, something that even a child can understand, helps to renew the American Spirit and to make us better individuals. May God continue to be the source of our Blessings and may we as a people be worthy to receive those blessings is my prayer in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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