Friday, September 02, 2005

Something to think about

Resourse Survey Form

My wife is the preparedness specialist around here and this would normally be something that she would post on her site. She was busy until late last night with some of our church leaders going over our local preparedness issues so that we, as a group of civic minded church going folks, might be able to tap into the resources already available to help those who desperately need help now and to update this information for future needs.

One of the forms that came across our computer via email last night is called the Ward Resource Survey, a form that is supposed to be filled out by each member of the Church so that our Ward leaders will have an idea of who to call on when the need arises and, who will have specific items without having to wait or purchase these items when in all probability such items will no longer be available due to conditions out of our control.

While I’m at it I need to thank Brother Beattie for taking the time last night to go through his files and locate this particular form.

My suggestion is to copy the form and fill in the blanks. The information could be shared with your local Civic Club, Neighborhood Watch Program or even local School Board. This would all depend on how large a community is involved. The idea being that the responsible members of the community are the ones who are already involved in planning and carrying out community service; how much better could they be of service were this information available in time of emergency.

I have a warning to go along with such information gathering so that the paranoid members of society know that I haven’t forgotten them. Some of the information on this form is sensitive and, in the wrong hands, could be used for evil purposes. “Ah, so old Bill down the street has a new chain saw; think I’ll wait till he’s off to work and relieve him of that.”, or, “I didn’t know good old Bill had any guns; thought he was a geek.” You can see the need to have this kind of information in the hands of Responsible folks.

I wonder how many of the blanks could be filled in by those standing around waiting to be helped, those who have lost all their material belongings may not be aware of the talents they take with them, the hidden talents that might be of service if only someone in a position of authority was aware and could tap into those talents without having to wait for help to arrive, if it ever does. I’ve given you something to think about; more importantly, something to do.

I have linked to a favorite LDS Hymn, "Have I Done Any Good" (via the title bar). I recommend listening to it under the option "words and music"; it sounds plain cheesy with just the music. Just in case you get the impression that all I do is think of nice and wonderful things to do for my fellow human beings, put a fresh table cloth on and dust furniture; here's a link to another piece I posted.

If you have trouble reading the information on this form, click on the picture and it will permit enlargement. Posted by Picasa

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