Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Love To See The Temple

This time of year it’s fun to drive through the neighborhood and enjoy the efforts of those who have placed colored lights among the bushes and along the edges of their houses; a Christmas celebration in lights. The childlike state of mind that returns is hard to explain; not quite as spectacular perhaps as the star above a stable so many years ago when wise men came to see a babe born to Mary and Joseph and angels filled the heavens with song, worthy of comparison all the same.

Liberal Common Sense has a post today showing a favorite place she likes to visit, a special moment of reflection awaits each time a candle is lighted there. I noticed she had a link to something called “Grab the Scavenger Hunt Code”; a fun way to share a thread among bloggers. Today’s theme has to do with lights.

Each Wednesday I have a chance to visit the Houston Temple as an ordinance worker. There’s an opportunity for me to appreciate the beauty, both inside and out as lights showcase the structure each night when I leave, having performed some small service for the Lord. Those who enter the House of the Lord learn how important it is to serve one another, to extend the blessings that we may receive, ordinances that improve our lives here and into the eternities and to provide those same ordinances vicariously to our kindred dead. Is it any wonder that we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints place such a high priority to finding who our ancestors are, to appreciate the eternal links we have with them? May the light of Christ shine within each of us as the spirit of service to others becomes more important than our individual desires during this Christmas Season is my humble prayer, in the name of Jesus Chris, Amen.

I’ve included a link (via the title bar) to a Primary song, a simple thought set to music. I recommend listening to it by clicking the option of “words and music” as children teach basic truths of the Gospel.
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