Sunday, December 17, 2006

JJ Has a Credit Card

Justin, my son in law, bought a new wallet and gave the old wallet to JJ. The first thing JJ needed was a credit card so he set about obtaining one. I guess it must be a joint account for his computer game friends Mario and Luigi.

A few weeks ago I helped out by picking JJ up at school where he’s in kindergarten. I’d met his teachers on Grandparent’s Day and they had been told I was authorized. The children were not in their classroom; instead having been on the playground around back. I mentioned that I was there to pick up JJ and the teacher jumped in, “You mean Mario, Luigi or JJ?” as she smiled, knowing how much JJ was enjoying the computer game.

When I was JJ’s age a penny, maybe a nickel or a dime would have been fine. I can see that the world has changed just a bit; five year olds know about credit cards. I better not show him any folding money; he’s pretty good at drawing and the Fed has rules about things like that. I can see the arrest blotter, JJ, counterfeiting, AKA Mario, AKA Luigi. JJ knows his numbers and would be all smiles when they took his mug shot.

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